Secrets from the Black Bag

secrets_from_the_black_bag_lgTerrific and original … deserves wide celebration … you might be reminded of James Herriott … Butler stands on the shoulders of writers like William Carlos Williams … where the science that is medicine bumps thrillingly against human fear, passion, despair and hope. There is a whiff of pipe-smoke on colonial balconies, a sepia-tinted glimmer of grateful patients and be-chauffeured physicians. There is no political correctness, yet to be invented …

Secrets from the Black Bag presents doctors hurrying through the night, from the early to late 20th century, from Pakistan to Tanganyika, from Scotland to New Zealand, all over the planet. They carry little black bags into the private worlds of people struggling with the business of living and dying and trying to make sense of things.

Visit …

  • A perplexed forester in the Scottish Highlands who confronts love for the first time, gun in hand
  • A rebellious London nurse who stitches up an arrogant surgeon near the Benin border
  • Mrs Babbadge, whose anosmia inures her to the mouldering stench of the home she shares with a rotting husband and two frenetic terriers
  • A 5-year-old who has died alone in a hovel in the middle of the night, killed by the negligence of a psychopathic stepfather

Companion volume to Black Bag Moon, Doctors’ Tales from Dusk to Dawn

Recommended Text of General Practice Training Tasmania and Recommended Reading for the [medical] Association of Course Organisers in the UK.

Now available as an ebook from Smashwords: books/view/151877



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